IMG 1071A day off so we start with a walk around the town which is built on top of an old castle or citadel as the locals should have it. The view of the tidal flats is amazing and we can see many people walking around digging up presumably some kind of shellfish?

There's a substantial small boat community in the port area and also many colored sheds with various artists and artisans plying their trade. Most interesting but of course it all stops at lunch time around noon. Daft really.

Back to the hotel, Mary for painting and me for a tour of the island, actually mostly of the lighthouse at the far end which has quite a history apparently. €3 get you a walk to the top and a few more get you a lunch of, you guessed it, more oysters.

Pleasingly the weather has picked up enormously and it's warmer and the mornings overcast has gone by early afternoon. I am also able to acquire proper tea bags for herself as the ones we brought worth us have nearly run out.

Some discussion of our next destination and we agree we need to start back towards Calais and who we will do a little larger day tomorrow and make for the Loire valley.

There are several bands playing in the square tonight (not all at once) and we watch the brass band until they stop and then wander down to the Port area for dinner at La Courtine (the hotel has a fine menu but at €49 per head plus grog we feel it's a bit expensive). La Courtine offers a wide range of IMG 1074seafood including oysters and moule frites and is very popular and very good. Only marred again by smoking on the terrace.

Finally we drifted back to the square where a band were playing to a large and friendly crowd in a very French manner. (clarinet, violin, drums, bass and accordion). Lots of fun.

PS apparently 21 June is "music day" in the whole of France. Who knew?