IMG 1023The coast road north from Cap Ferret may broadly follow the coast line but you can't see any of it as the land is low lying and forested. There is little traffic and and few bends until we reach the estuary of Girionde, a huge inlet that goes inland to Bordaux.

From here it's a ferry crossing from the tiny town of Le Verdon to the much larger Royan. No booking required and all uneventful except for the entire foredeck being full of smokers. Ugh.

Our destination today is the Les Jardins d'Aliénor at Le Chateau d' Oleron on the Island of Oleron, just off the coast (via a bridge). If it's nice we'll have two nights and a bit of a rest.....

Parking at Les Jardins is outside, fortunately no problem as there's a space opposite. The room and house are both charming with an unusual soft floor in the shower! So yes it's nice and two nights are on.

The acclaimed restaurant in the hotel is closed tonight (Monday of course) so Mme suggests that we go to the only open cafe, IMG 1024Comme Une Evidence, around the corner. Hobson's choice but actually very good with more oysters and a seafood stew