IMG 1020The big question now is where to? We have explored many of the areas of the Dordogne and Loire so after some discussion and thought we head for the Atlantic coast and the sandspit of Cap Ferret. There are an astounding number of hotels in the area and the widest range of comments, prices, styles etc. Finally we settle on a high rating place, La Frégate.

Most of the roads are quiet forest affairs and when we finally get to a small town we stop initially for coffee but then for a small plate of local oysters. It would have been rude not to try them.

La Frégate seems very nice with a nautical theme and a good size room. Not content to linger there we walk off to see the sea which turns out to be a little further than the promotional material would suggest. No matter, we get an ice cream (from a young lady who recognized my hat and we discussed our mutual experience of Zanzibar and Tanzania for a while).

There is a small port where people still collect oysters and the like, The oysters are mostly farmed as far as can be seen. The beach seems to be under attack by the elements and there are several large trucks and diggers that we suspect are used to replenish the sand.

A walk along the very nice sand beach and then to the lighthouse (I climbed it for the view, others did not) and thence back to the rather remote La Frégate for a shower before dinner.

IMG 1021Mme. at the hotel recommends the waterfront La Pinnase cafe for dinner. This is an excellent choice except for the smokers who take liberties with the awning areas along the front deeming them to be outside, where smoking is permitted rather than inside where it is not.

A high spot apart from the lobster, was a boat with a piper went by. He wasn't very good but it was such a lovely sound.

None the less a very pleasant evening followed by a stroll along the pier to see the fishermen and thence back to the hotel.