IMG 0866The bed is a tad small at L'Amoulat but otherwise it's fine. Good breakfast though. The Porche drivers from last night head off shortly before us.

Lourdes is not so far and we detour through another mountain ski area through a town called Bareges and thence into Lourdes. These high passes are really most dramatic and there are huge numbers of cyclists enjoying(?) the climb up and the high speed runs down. Some seem to have no idea about which side of the road they need to keep to, there's lots of scope for it going wrong.

The Lonely Planet is more than somewhat disparaging of Lourdes and our first and second impressions do rather confirm the accuracy of their view.

The Best Western are not ready for us despite saying 2pm and it being 2:30 but we wait and eventually get into the room and sorted.

The remains of the day are spent in the Lourdes laundrette and in the bar next door (coffee I'm afraid) then back to the hotel. Not inspiring.

IMG 0865Dinner at the adjacent Chez Ly asiatic restaurant is similarly uninspiring. The dishes are (to our taste) bland unlike those we get in Malaysia. Pity.

Fortunately the highlights of the day were the mountain passes and not the rather dowdy Lourdes town. Tomorrow we will try to see the grottos of great fame but it's very hard to take the whole thing seriously when you read that the miracles were the visions of a 14 year old girl in the 19th century. Perhaps we missed something as did the Lonely Planet but I suspect not.