IMG 0867A comfortable nights sleep in the Paradore but the breakfast left a lot to be desired - well the eggs and bacon were cold and had been there for a while and the coffee was somewhat burnt. The rest of it was fine (bread, cheese, fruit and so forth) but it left me with an upset tum, probably the coffee.

Anyway there is not enough in Sos del Rey Catolico to hold us for another day and the forecast looks decidedly flakey. We hit the road late though as we struggle to find a sensible destination that's not too far and has a good ranking hotel. There are not many such and we are determined to get over the border for a decent meal.

We didn't make it too far before the Spyder started to make a fuss about a brake failure, something to take seriously even though it all seemed to be working fine. A good look at the ABS sensors (assisted by a random dog) showed nothing wrong but the manual suggested that it could be low on brake fluid. This turned out to be accurate as once we found a garage with some and put a few drops in the message went away. Some helpful German bikers came to offer assistance which while not necessary was more appreciated Than the dogs help.

Sporadic rain beset the day and once the over jacket and trousers were on they were not removed as it became colder and colder as we moved up the hill (min 8C). Neither of us are convinced that we haven't come this was before as many of the IMG 0858features seem familiar. A particular landmark was some topiary on the French side that seems very familiar.

Our hotel tonight L'Amoulat in Gourette is pretty hard to find and Doreen leads us to a dead end with a cart track coming off it. Not much use. A diversion gives us another route which does, after a surprising amount of time, take us there.

The room is somewhat basic and by the time we arrived we were throughly frozen. After a bath(!) we manage to warm up and dinner at 7:30 turns out to be the best meal since we left the UK. Une Bon Surprise!

The owner/manager/chef is a charming woman who speaks excellent English but is more than happy to assist us with our French. First rate.

We like France!