IMG 0851Tonight is booked at one of the Paradores hotels as recommended by the Morgan owners we met a couple of days ago. They spoke very highly of this government run chain and since there is one on our route to the Pyrenees we might as well give it a go. It's on special too as it's a bit over our usual price range.

The road from San Asensio first takes us through an extensive wine growing region (La Rioja) but this peters out in the rather unattractive outskirts of Lograno and though an unattractive area of poor farms and scruffy businesses.

The smell of the huge broon plants in flower is stunning now we can smell a bit

We stop for fuel at Tafalia where we are berated by the gas station attendant for some transgression with the impossible traffic islands surrounding the petrol station. We have no idea what he is on about and his shouting conveys no meaning. We buy the fuel anyway and ignore him although Mary ticks him off which he doesn't understand either. No points on either side.

IMG 0852From Tafalia (near Olite where we stayed a coupons of years ago) things improve markedly but we are very surprised to arrive at a roundabout in Sanguesa where we recall that we stopped for a meal last time.

The Paradores is in the pretty hilltop town of Sos del Rey Catolico and is remarkably like any other business chain hotel, basic rate ok but everything is extra. None of the personal touch of La Capelliana, we miss that already.

A walk around the town is pretty quick as it's quite small and we stop in a bar for a drink and in Mary's case a sketch. Dinner at the Cocina Del Principal is good but not sadly not stunning, it is however the best we've had in Spain.