IMG 0826A late start after not too bad a nights sleep. A bit of debate about where next or taking a sick day. Eventually we decided on a short ride as the forecast is for showers getting worse tomorrow.

Problematically the Internet failed at the Posana but luckily the Three roaming came into it's own and I was able to find what appeared to be a nice place at San Asensio (La Capelliana) in La Rioja (think of the wine). Google claims the journey will take most of 2.5 hours but by the time we have stopped and messed about it would be nearer 4.

There are some spectacular views and countryside, lakes, mountains, forest, farms and little or no traffic. Some pretty rough roads surfaces at points though. Overall we are feeling much improved on yesterday, still very snotty and coughing but not nearly as miserable.

La Capelliana is a real find and Mercedes has good English and the area seems lovely. A shower and off to explore.

IMG 0823Later,

Problems arose on our return to the only restaurant we were able to find in town as at 8pm it was not open. Unlocked yes, but in darkness with no one that we could find inside.

Fortunately the owners of La Capelliana came to the rescue and arranged a meal for us at I one of the bars in the village. Mercedes even came over to check that we had been looked after. 100% customer service!