IMG 0766Seems that we are opposite the party bar. The locals leared up until gone 2am, very noisy and not helped by our colds which have started streaming. Most unpleasant. If we stay on then it will be with the windows closed and the air conditioning on.

A day for chores as it's a week since we left and despite great care the clean underpant supply is now' close to exhaustion. For the first time in memory google maps is helpful in finding a launderette - in a mall some 16km up the road, apparently in a shopping centre.

In the event it turns out to be true, the hyper market is vast but there is a small selection of individual retailers including a 3 washing machine self service. Many of the other spaces are either empty or closed, surprising on a Saturday morning, but perhaps they were all out partying outside our hotel last night?

Anyway, there is a very down at heal feeling about the place but the selection of goods in the hypermarket is vast. I passed on taking a photo so you'll have to make do with photos of the surrounds at Rioseco.IMG 0765

Returning to Don Felix, Mary has decided on an afternoon of watercolours and I settle down to plan the next stage of our route, there are many many options. Despite the weather being really nice today my cold has reached the miserable stage :(