IMG 0762Courtesy of UK's Three phone service we have mobile internet at no more cost than the £20 plan I bought hence we are able to keep in touch with the family over breakfast using the miracle of Whatsapp. Really good that the EU have stepped in to stop the vicious profiteering by the mobile phone companies. Now hopefully other countries will join in and regulate their mobile operators to stop this rort.

Anyway, after a surprisingly good breakfast at the Hostal Sainz and the purchase of appropriate medicine at the local pharmacy, we set off for a short run to Rioseco some way to the north west. We couldn't help but take a more scenic route through the San Isidro ski area and over the adjacent mountain pass. The temperature dropped below 10C for some of this and we spent a little time in the clouds. Very cool.

Little traffic at this time of year and the roads are a joy except for one stretch which seemed to be a collection of pot holes strung together with nasty lumps.

IMG 0760A very nice empanada at a bar in a town with a name I didn't catch. A most helpful lady showed us what we she thought we wanted before she served it.

Our night stop tonight is the highly recommended Don Felix Hotel and we shall dine in their restaurant. Apparently there is a laundrette in a town some 16km away so we shall avail ourselves of that tomorrow. Things are apparently getting smelly.

We sat in the town square for an aperitif while the locals attended mass after a walk, it was quite cold out tonight.

Dinner was a home cooked affair at Don Felix, actually pretty good with local trout.