IMG 0671An interesting breakfast in Santander across the road from the hotel. Actually a simple sandwich and coffee with the map in front of us.

The coast road west starts unimpressive you as we exit from Santander. It's a jumble of apartments, malls, factories and is uniformly big city tired. Finally though we get out into more rural areas albeit still covered in the haze that we have had throughout our visit to Europe.'

A very nice lunch at the very quiet seaside resort of Commillas, clearly we are here before the high season, and then on inland to Potes (pronounced Potez) and over the spectacular mountain pass to Riano for the night.

The Hostal Sainz is somewhat basic but will do. Lots of fellow bikers including at least one couple from the ferry.

IMG 0672We ate at Punto y Coma just down the street. A very nice lady with no English helped us order a array of dishes (salad, chips and hamburger) none of which were what we expected. Not expensive and very nice so we were not unhappy with our meal. We arrived at 8pm and we're told, I think, that she did not open until 8:30 but we were happy to wait. No one else turned up before we left at 10. Not a profitable evening for them.

Now I have Mary's cold :(