IMG 0666Reluctantly we left our friends excellent B&B (Prestoller House) and had a tedious drive along the A31(?) with little to commend it.

We arrived early in Portsmouth in the midst of loading the ferry for Santander. No idea that there would be so many motorcycles. We thought it a good job we weren't late however the ferry actually did not depart until over 2 hours past it's scheduled time. 

No matter it was warm all day and the forecast rain came to nothing.

The late departure from Portsmouth will give a late arrival in Santander, docking around 7:30pm local time and some time to unload no doubt.

Mary's cold is not improving but luckily we have appropriate medication to stem some of the symptoms.

A couple of pre dinner drinks and dinner in the on board restaurant followed by a good nights sleep on board. Fortunately we had booked a cabin on board, better than a night in one of the seats!.