IMG 0663Dinner at the Lynton Cottage hotel was none too bad but breakfast was, shall we say, ok - everything there but not inspired. The man at reception is past his use by date and not helpful about allowing a little extra time for checkout which rather let the whole experience down. Pity.

The other staff are Polish students and they have been chatty, enthusiastic and friendly. 

We had time for a short look around Lynton and a walk down the cliff to Lynmouth, 20 mins downhill. There's not a huge amount to see but what there is is very pretty. The funicular railway is a miracle of Victorian engineering, powered by water, just great.

First stop Has to be Exeter due to a failure of my glasses. Fortunately I have a spare pair but it's very worrying not to have a usable second pair to hand. Several fruitless calls to opticians and finally Spec Tech in Exeter claim to be able to fix them.

Exeter seems very down at heel but Mr Spec Tech seems to have done the job - when he got back from his lunch. It cost £45 which seemed horrifying expensive but what choice is there?

Axminster and our friends are very welcoming and we enjoyed a superb fish dinner in Lyme Regis at the Hix Oyster and Fish house.

IMG 0662