Stephen writes:

Overall Czech Wrecks is a good event. The format is sound and gives a sense of adventure as well as pride in doing something for charity. The Mayor of Bormio was a star and 400 people taking part in a water fight there is quite an experience. It’s not cheap but then there is nothing quite like it and we wouldn’t ever exchange it for a package holiday. The organisers had also acted to fix some of the administrative issues that were there in 2006 and it was a lot slicker.

However, there seemed to be less contact with the other teams compared to last year which we missed, but perhaps the thing we most found uncomfortable was the amount of driving on the long stretches in France and Italy. We had learned from last year as well and spent a little more on hotels, but also we substituted the car ferry across Lakes Como and Maggiore for some of the driving which was much more satisfactory. 

We might consider another rally next year to a different destination, but if so we would prefer more sightseeing and maybe we should simply go our own way. On the other hand, invading an Italian town with 400 people dressed as pirates and all armed with waterpistols is not something you would want to miss. 2008? You never know!