Meet the MayorAn easy start to the day with a 10am send off by the Mayor of Bormio (Elizabetha?) who was a great sport and you can see with her assistant in the photo. It was pirate day and we all dressed appropriately, well sort of, and as expected a serious water fight ensued. Kind of fun if you didn't get too soaked.

Once though this we were off in convoy on the Stelvio Pass, a more serious pass than we have seen before, you can't actually get two cars around the bends in opposite directions at the same time. This makes for very slow going! Several crossings into Austria and Germany made the day with the Austrian border guards taking an unhealthy interest in us, luckily we have a native German speaker on board!

Todays challenge was simple for those of us with a computer, however otherwise this would be a a mathematical problem. Again more photos of number plates were required and an equation calculated with a specific target result required.

Water everywhereSomething of a minor detour was required to go to Gerlinde's parents home, a very worthwhile outing as I have not previously met them (in 35 years!).

By late afternoon we reached the autobahn in Germany but the Volvo (Talula) decided to give us a dose of no battery charge light. It's really not clear what's going on except that the battery may not be charging, a critical issue as a breakdown on the autobahn can be very expensive as well as it being a Sunday evening in a foreign country.

Sensing weakness the police seized the opportunity to tail us, eventually pulling us over and jamming us in in a rest area. Again the native German speaking pulled us out of the fire and with only a little convincing we were all smiles and on our way again, albeit still with no battery charging.

The PassFinally pulling into Salzberg, with much relief all around, we rapidly found the hotel and made for the Street Safari pub to have our challenges marked. Yours truly managed to get the last beer (literally) and so as staying there was clearly not an option, we moved on for a fine Austrian dinner in a nearby hotel.

An early start will be required to decide on a course of action for the Volvo.