Le Chateau de Cocove Despite a good journey down the M25 motor-way we were one person to many to get on the 12:15 ferry and had to wait an extra 45 minutes for the 1pm sailing. It was all a bit odd but apart from a rather sad sandwich, not completely unexpected.

After last years experience at the Etap hotel (just don't) Stephen booked us into Le Chateau de Cocove on a special internet Channel tunnel deal. Don't miss this, it's it truly terrific and the dinner is very, very good. (see picture)

Despite all our prognostications, Justin (the rally organizer) seemed to have got the check in right. Within 25 minutes of arrival we were out the door complete with T shirt and a drink inside us. So different to last year which was hours!. Most impressive. Just a word of warning, don't stay at the Holiday Inn, it's clearly crap!

Anyway we need to get to the Holiday in (about 25 mins north) for the start in the morning. 580 miles tomorrow so that should be interesting if nothing else!