The warriors are in he backgroundWendy is a bit sharp I've decided. On the way to the Terracotta Warriors she took us to see “how they were made”. Turned out to be another factory (a shop) for warrior replicas, lacquered tables and screens and heaven knows what else. A modest size warrior, under half size, would cost you only $NZ 1,000 to have delivered to your home. One for each gate post perhaps? Have one to hang umbrellas on? No? I thought not.

The actual exhibition is on a huge scale and has a 'wow' factor when you first go into the building. Truly it is well deserving of the title “Eighth wonder of the world” but where does that leave the Great Wall? Ninth? They have both got to be on your list things you must see.
We were at the site for several hours and could easily have stayed longer but the Big Wild Goose Pagoda beckoned. Tragically the pagoda itself has been closed after the recent earthquake, Wendy said they were checking the structure but the place was deserted as far as we could see. The heat however was certainly building up.

So manyGratefully we returned to the air conditioning in he hotel and a bit of a rest. We'll have to hit the spots tonight for some proper local fare!


We'd asked Wendy for some tips and she'd pointed us towards the Bell Tower. This turned out to be quite right but we'd also armed ourselves with the Lying (oops Lonely) Planets recommendations. Surprisingly we stumbled upon one, Lao Sun Jia. It's a bit hard to make out what the LP is on about when it says it's 'restricted', on our visit the air conditioning had failed and it was half full (perhaps because of the a/c).

First impressions were a bit of a worry as they tea came in pint mugs however despite this and the  problems with the Air conditioning we had a fantastic meal. They really can do the business food wise!

anyone for a cuppa?Now all we have to do is get the laundry dry before we leave in the morning!