Ling Ling Goes FishingNot quite such a fine day but pleasantly warm if not the greatest visibility as you can see from the picture of the 'birdcage' (the new Olympic stadium).

First stop was another factory (read shop). This will be the last one but made some sort of copper lacquer ware the name of which was French but eludes me for the moment. The shop has a vast array of the stuff complete with christmas trees and Santas, very nasty. I hope we'll decline any more shops.

The Ming Tombs are the last resting places of the Ming Emperors. The 'Sprit Way' leading up to the tombs is pretty impressive but the tomb we saw (Chang Ling) while impressive ,is a bit dull after the  Forbidden City. Worth a look if you're nearby, the main feature however is the Great Wall.

We had choices and took the Mutianyu section of the wall where they have commendably kept the tat shops at the bottom of the mountain and the wall, while clearly a reconstruction (a wall that looked pretty much like this once stood in this location), is beyond words. Walking a couple of kilometres along the top brings you to the end of the reconstruction and there you can see how the present day ruins of the wall look. It's all a bit steep in parts though. 

There was a special light relief feature put on for us, with a western couple having a blazing row, in English, at the top. An improbably clad woman, lacking only high heels, was shouting along the lines of “ can keep the luggage and money and passports..... I'm leaving...... I never want to see you again.....” while striding (as best you can in jandels) off along the top of the wall. We rather struggled to see how she
It's Huge was going to make good on this threat as she was heading away from the exit and clearly 5000km of Great Wall was not a realistic option for her.

We did see them later, apparently reconciled as we and they left the Wall.


Once again the bathroom looks like Mrs Li Po's Laundry and we headed out (apparently in the wrong direction) to find the Sichuan Restaurant mentioned in the Lonely Planet. The restaurant we did find looked the business and indeed the vegetable and prawn dishes were excellent. The port spare ribs looked great but were more or less inedible. The duck wings were ok if soggy and fatty is to your taste. Much of the spare rib fat ended up on my shirt. Blech!

Tired feet took us back to the hotel where we ended up having one (or two) too many drinks with the Wisconsin couple (sans mere) from yesterdays breakfast. Mike and Sue (their names) were very good company and we were able to share notes on the Great Wall and they gave us another fascinating perspective on life in Shanghai. You must ne jokeing