IMG_0219Following our normal routine of cycling to the nearest boulangere for breakfast we headed to Fegreac, an unremarkable French town about 1.5km away. Mostly it was closed,, perhaps in sympathy with the UK August holiday? Who can say.

The unreliable Waterways Guide, claims there is an exhibition on the canal at Pont-Miny where we are moored, but it's hard to see how we could miss it as the place is tiny. The same could be said for the cider factory outlet store at Guenrouet where we stopped for lunch, simply no sign or indication of where that might be located.

The countryside on the Redon to Blain section of waterway is sparsely populated with woods and pastoral agriculture with only a very small number of boats. All very pretty and made more so by being yet another sunny day.

At Blain there's a pretty wharf area, somewhat marred by the local youth riding very noisy and low powered motorcycles to and fro. The recommended restaurant, actually on the wharf, is closed for two weeks, unlikely as it seems, business must be brisk all year around perhaps? There is a large Carrefour Market a couple of kilometres away where we restock some of the provisions, there are (sadly) only a few more days left so we have to be a bit careful not to overdo it.

IMG_0259We are still in the company of the Danes from the last couple of nights and they are drawing quite some entertainment from our barbeques.

Our neighbor for the night is a rather scruffy individual who seems to be living in the hull of a small yacht. There is good evidence that he's found cider to be a convenient way to pass the evenings. It looks as if he has planted some rather sad looking tomato plants in the flower bed, I doubt there will be enough for even a sprinkle in a salad.

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