IMG_0043The first tuesday in the month is market day in Blain but unless we were in the wrong place this is certainly not the huge affair we were expecting, very modest indeed. Mary brought a couple of pairs of shorts but otherwise there was not a great deal there. Quite surprising but perhaps the Carrefour Market has had an impact? There are also a few spots of rain in the air but this turns out to be nothing of consequence.

Bread, the market, coffee and a good reconnoiter of the town take until lunchtime, We're pretty late starters it has to be admitted but there's lots to nose around at here. We still haven't seen the Chateau or the Museum both of which are worth the visit according to the Guide.

The Chateau turns out to be a modern reconstruction on the site of the ruin and is pretty well done with much left as ruins, which, to my mind, is a good thing. There are some displays, all in French of course but there are historical notes in English o you get some idea of what's been happening.

The Museum on the other hand is decidedly odd. We were enticed to visit by it having a reconstruction of a street of shops of the early 1900's. I had rather expected a more elaborate display, foolish I know, and I found myself disappointed. It's still worthwhile but I'd been looking for more.

IMG_7186What was unexpected was a room devoted to nativity tableaux from around the world, we particularly liked the Peruvian one, lots of ponchos, sombreros and cacti, and another room with a huge collection of 'feves', tiny china cake or pie ornaments. Both of these are curious enough to repay the visit and if anyone has a nativity scene with Australian or NZ characters then I/m sure the Tourism Information centre in Blain would love to hear from you.

The upshot of all this was a second night in Blain, we were going to go on but there seemed little point as we would only have to retrace our steps tomorrow. Le Surcoul restaurant at the port was recommended by the Danes who also went for the second night in Blain too. Again I was a little disappointed by the restaurant, just not as good as it could have been but our research had failed to turn up anything better, (we felt Club Clap just did not cut it)

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