IMG_7264Rode up a much more substantial hill than I expected to get into Peillac to buy breakfast rations. Quite exhausting and it took two cups of expresso in the sun before I was fit to return.

The remainder of the morning was spent cruising up the very scenic, albeit narrow, River l'Aff, to the charming craftsman town of La Gacilly. Here, in addition to some 20-30 craft shops there is a stunning photography exhibition by photographers from the french Geo magazine. There may well be others but it's hard to tell as it's all in French, of course. We spent a very pleasant afternoon looking at the shops and photographs. Fortunately the good weather continues unabated.

The floor show for afternoon drinks on the poop deck was provided by a boat with a crew dressed as pirates. Quite funny in itself but the mess that the Pirate King made of trying to moor the boat, quite a difficult procedure I would happily concede, had us in fits.


There were several minor collisions before he quite lost the plot and ended up way back along the creek trying to turn around by getting more and more aggressive with the throttle a more than somewhat counter productive strategy. His crew lost the pirate gear and the two women disappeared but still he persevered. Sadly we failed completely to remember to take photos, which I suppose might not have been the best plan.

Eventually our Danish neighbor and I were able to catch a rope and haul him in although this did not stop him trying to drive in and ram us on the wharf. We assume, benevolently, that he had been a bit too free with the grog rations. In any event it provided a good hours entertainment for those not directly involved.

Charlotte and I cycled around town and selected Les enfants Gat'thes ( for dinner (based on a very limited understanding of the menu's posted outside the doors you understand as well as a very subjective review of the ambiance) which was the best yet. We can thoroughly recommend it for both quality of food and service. Monsieur was utterly helpful with the wines and describing what we were about to eat and we had a long chat as we left about how he came to set up the restaurant and choose it's name. A not to be missed experience.

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