IMG_7221A beautiful morning, so nice in fact that a Frenchman was obliged to stop and comment on it to me. I felt lke a fool as all I could do was parrot his comments (La belle France, cest manifique, etc) back to hime.

This morning we cycled back to Le Roc St Andre, (just over the river from la Chapelle-Caro) for the mornings bread injection then motored down to Malestroit for lunch and provisons.

Galettes at the Mael Trech in the town centre were excellent. We were also able to deal with our laundry (only one set of sheets and towels for two weeks does not seem like enough), as there is an first rate laundrette here.

The afternoon took us to Peillac, with a pretty little wharf where a cockatoo on one of the boats provided some entertainment by swearing (we think) at us in french. We don't approve of caging intelligent birds for entertainment however this one was handing out quite a.

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