IMG_7260The weather is overcast and not encouraging and in any case we are not very good at early starts it seems. Today this works in our favor as the Chateau actually does not open until 11am, not the 10am advertised. In fact it's even later than that, the lady who takes the money is 'plus tard'. It all makes time for a pleasant expresso in the square.

The tour, conducted as it is in French, is not as educational as we would have preferred, the english tour is not until 2:30 so is out of the question. Still there is a useful brochure and I think we got the highlights. The Chateau is very old but recently (100 years ago?) restored (rebuilt?).

By this time the locks have shut for lunch before we make our way back to la Chapelle-Caro. This take about 3 hours and our arrival gives us time for a cycle ride back to Montertelot, which is, as the book describes 'a pleasant place to visit' but lacks any shops. We'll have to stock up for the weekend tomorrow.

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