IMG_7149The small of gas in the gas locker at the rear of the boat has continued so I called the base and an engineer came out, it took him an hour and a half but that was no problem as Charlotte went for a run and I went to buy baguettes in the village. He also brought us a replacement bike for the wobbly wheel one.

Our first stop was Malestroit, a charming little town with many fine old buildings. A little shopping and sightseeing was followed by sitting in the sun with an expresso in the town centre. Very pleasant indeed.

The guide said that the village of la Chapelle-Caro would be worth a visit for it's chapel, dolmen and fountain as well as a special rock. We found none of these things, it is at the top of a long steep hill though. Phew.

Another barbeque on board (actually on the bank) and we can declare the makeshift barbecue a success.

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