IMG_0077Rain in the night and thunder (of the lightning variety) in the morning was a bit disturbing but when we eventually set forth there was one light shower and that was it. Very lucky if you ask me. The rest of the day was pretty pleasant, mostly warm if a bit windy.

Barbecues are hard to come by in Redon but the monday market is great, a huge array of produce, all looking superb, I have no idea how the UK ends up with such dead looking rubbish. We made two journeys to and fro to get all the purchases to the boat (water, beer and wine is quite heavy).

Eventually we (hopefully) solved the barbecue problem by buying a grill rack and a paella(?) dish (for the charcoal). Tongs, other than plastic, were unobtainable. We shall improvise with a fork.

Four locks later we are in the middle of countryside with quite a few locals (including a talkative man from York) going past. Very little river traffic however, very different to the UK canals. The local eclusiers (lock keepers) plainly have a competition for IMG_7142the best kept lock, they are fantastic, with so many flowers, better than some flower shows. I felt very guilty crashing the boat into them, perhaps we will get better.

We find the charge for fuel as an hourly rate just as irritating as last time. It encourages you to go far too fast, for no reason except cost. A per litre rate would make much more sense.

We stopped at an jetty near the small village of St Congard, near a bridge and a camping ground, all very rural and quiet however. The steak from the Redon market is, it has to be said, world class and the barbecue does it credit. Lucky. Another splendid evening.

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