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The Crown Blue base is hidden in the countryside south of Rennes. My enquiries about buses and trains led me to the conclusion that getting there would be a bit of a problem but getting there is actually less of a problem as the base can provide a taxi to meet you. Madam who drives the taxi is very chatty and you'd best be more prepared with your French otherwise you'll be well left behind.

Arriving at the base (which in the French manner inconveniently closes for lunch) was straightforward albeit expensive. There are a lot of expensive extras, which you might well have thought ought to be included. Bicycles are extra as is cleaning (after we have finished) which we you might have thought would be included.

IMG_7117After lunch Monsieur came by and gave us the briefing on the how tos and what not tos. The boat is pretty well equipped although there is no microwave and we will see what else is missing as we go.

Interesting encounter with the Ursula, a steam boat from the UK. Turns out the captain knows our cousins, the Bartrop boys.

Heading south we stopped at a bar/creperie Near St Anne sur Vilaine. It looked noisy and not a place for dinner so we headed back upstream to Port de Roche. A nice quiet night stop.

The weather has been glorious all day and we were able to sit out until nightfall and watch the bats come out.

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