P1110027The breakfast was even more disappointing than the dinner, cold baked beans, warm scrambled(?) eggs, and cold toast. Rubbish considering there was only one other couple there when we arrived and it took them 40 minutes.

Our driver for the day, Baka, was there as expected at 8:15 and we were off to the Orangutang park. This was an excellent affair and we (together with a crowd of maybe 80-100 others) saw 5 of the apes including one baby come in for their morning breakfast (bananas, carrots and stuff). Astoundingly interesting and they are just so graceful in the trees. The visit is only allowed to be for an hour and then out.

A early lunch of local laksa (noodles and curry) is very tasty and welcome.

Afterwards Baka takes us up to the mountain village where we are to stay. We’ve been prepped for the worst, no power, cold water, basic facilities but the reality turns out to be much, much better. A picturesque open sided house built in the forest, with power but more than adequate facilities although no hot water which is in any case not really needed.

Our hostess, Saloma, is a real live wire and is focussing her homestay on the european market. It’s very impressive.

An afternoon visit to a local village is a fascinating insight into the way the people live now and although there is technically still a long house we suspect that it’s all fairly far removed from the way things used to be in the hills.

P1110099Family come and go and we are introduced to them all and dine with them. The food is excellent and ample but we are done in after an evening stroll to see fireflies, crickets and the like so in bed (not so basic) shorty after 9pm.

Overall an outstanding experience and one that we won’t forget in a hurry.