P1080792The others are all leaving this morning and we don't want a repeat of the previous evening as the route for dinner is difficult. We understand that the chef (Mme.'s husband?) has gone but where and for how long we cannot determine.

After some messing about we decide to head for the coast which is really booked out. The very grand looking (and expensive) Westminster in Le Touquet Plage - Paris has rooms and having taken a mortgage out for one we head off.

The back route takes us through the very ugly outskirts of some major towns, Cambrai and Arras and the route does not improve until the last hour from Hesdin to the coast. The main thing of note are the many war cemeteries. These young men are looked after far better now than they were in life.

The Westminster is as grand as the pictures with antique lifts and all sorts. The prices in the restaurant are to match however.

So what of Le Touquet Plage - Paris? Well it's quite different. A pedestrianised main street running at 90 degrees to the sea, thronged with people and fancy clothes and seaside tat shops. The beach is huge and covered with kids fairs, aqua parks and other diverse stuff. The front is almost completely a row of apartments with the odd old building that has yet to be redeveloped. Overall a total mess. Typical town planning.


We sit on the sea wall for a while taking it all in and wondering what on earth can be the attraction. Still can't see it.

Trip advisor helps us exclude a number of the many, many restaurants and cafes and after a much needed drink we have more moule frites at another Zinc. Actually not quite as good as last night but not too bad. Moule frite connoisseurs us.

P1080800The hotel is fortunately both quiet and comfortable.