P1080791Rain this morning and it's Sunday so everything - and I mean everything - is well shut. We even take a look at the hotel breakfast and it's really not worth the €9 each they want to charge so we demure.

The rain dries up about 11 so we take off to the new part of town, finally finding the station and a very nice cafe restaurant, L'Adresse for lunch. Laon is really short of good cafes but this one is first rate. They even shoo out Mme and her barking dog who causes angst to the diners.

The afternoon is much the coolest we have experienced and we have a grand ride through the countryside to Artres near St Quentin.

Sadly Le moulin d'Artres is not actually expecting us and there is much confusion. Who did call and where are we actually booked? Common sense prevails and and we take the room here - there is little choice at 5:30 pm. I could try and call to cancel whoever we talked to yesterday but honestly that really is unlikely to work as I just could not make myself understood by the lady I spoke to yesterday. Guilt.


Fortunately the rooms are excellent. Large and spacious with a comfortable bed.

Dinner is 5-10km away so how will that work out?


Actually it all works out very well. We've concluded that Mme. is just somewhat confused about what's happening and this is actually the right place. It's odd because her english is quite good

There are two other couples staying with us one French (Bridget with superb english) and one Irish (Jimmy and Mary). We are all in the same boat so we bludge a lift with them to a local bar l'Edito (typesetting theme) and have a very pleasant evening with moule frites for us. Good job we are not driving the bike back as we have little idea of where we are.