P1080696The town is worse in the morning, quite dead and no real breakfast options. We ended up in a boulangere for a pain aux raisin.

The funicular railway (Poma) from the station to the town at the top of the hill is closed apparently for "renovation" but looks just closed period.

There is a good town map and lots of things to see. The must do is the cathedral and this for this you need to prebook for the morning or afternoon, yes only two tours and limited size. We were too late for the 11:30 so it was the 14:30 for us.

Quite enough here to fill at least a half day and probably more but the closed shops start to get to you after a while. I did find a barber and had a much needed haircut however.

Very good crepes for lunch and a tour of the cathedral gave the fear of heights a work out.


Another warm day with high twenties so the bikes stay in the hotel basement for the day. Much time spent again on the internet looking for accommodation for the next two nights. Finally I have a phone call from a lady at Le Moulin d'Artres, responding to my email - or so I believe! All good but they cannot feed us tomorrow but there is a nearby cafe and we can eat there.P1080761

Another look around the town and nothing appears better than Estaminet St Jean so a drink at Zinc and dinner inside to avoid the smokers. My meal was much better as I had the same as Mary the night before.

I went back and videoed the son et luminere - obviously not well but enough for a memory.