P1080501Overnight rain fortunately becoming scattered as the morning progresses.

Bidding a sad farewell to Anne and La Correrie, it has been lovely, we head to nearby Sedan with light showers.

Sedan has a huge castle, biggest in Europe apparently, and we figure we should be able to remain under cover mostly while we have a good look around. Actually it's pretty interesting and the audio guide is not over long like many.

As we prepare to move on there's a small crowd waiting by what looks like a jousting arena. Investigation reveals that it's some kind of show and still having time before we can go to our B&B for the evening and the weather having cleared up why not?

This turns out to be a great decision although there are a few bits in English and it's hard to follow a lot of it it's great fun. The Knights of Normandy I think was the name of the troop. Very good.

About an hour from Sedan to La Petite Abbaye in Signy l'Abbaye. Uneventful except for a hornet attack on my arm leading to rapid disrobement by the side of the road to get the little sod out. Most unpleasant.

The B&B has a some Belgians in residence and we chat with them over a beer before going over the road for dinner at the hotel there.


Dinner at the Auberge de l'Abbaye over the road is a tad basic as the chef is away for a couple of days. The replacement is very slow and we are there for several hours, not the end of the world but it could be a recipe for a headache. Luckily not too bad.P1080612