P1080462The forecast is for hot but getting away early is impossible. There's a major breakfast to have and Joan has to move to another room (one of the family's rooms as the gite is complete).

We plan a short trip, first to Sedan for the castle which we see but do not get off the bikes. The sun is so hot that the buttons on the ATM are too hot to touch!.

Next is a home made ice cream on the river at Bouillon in Belgium or Luxembourg, we are not sure which. There is no border any more.

Finally we stop at a memorial to the Maginot Line at La Ferte sue Chiers. This is not what we expected but the temperature has soared into the mid 30's and it is just too uncomfortable. Mary takes a wrong turn and gets separated which adds to the internal temperature.

Finally we get back to our gite at 3pm, hot and tired and ready for a drink and a shower.

The next few days are forecast to warm and we will have to think about how we tackle the weekend.


Dinner is more or less exactly the same as the previous night, a fact for which Mme apologises profusely, but is delicious none the less. The terrace is a delight with the weather balmy.

Tonight we are joined by a Flemish couple and three cross country motorcycle riders who have done 200km of green lane tracks from Belgium. One has damaged his foot.