P1080435Today is Saturday and the towns market day and it is pretty big with furniture, clothes, food and all sorts. Nothing by way of a tea shop for breakfast so it's a pain au raisin and from the baker and a coffee in a cafe.

Lunch is deferred while we pour over a map to determine where to tomorrow, we do have to move on sometime. The general consensus is that none of us have been to the Belgian border in the Ardennes so that's what we'll do. Left a message at a B&B and we head out on the bikes to nearby Compiegne.

Much warmer today and this afternoon it's about 25C. Quite comfortable at speed but not in the sun.

The town of Compiegne is much bigger than Noyon and has some ramparts which turn out to be well hidden and not hugely impressive. There's a lot more to see here than time or energy permit so it's watch a wedding at the registry office, have a sandwich and coffee and back to Noyon for a much needed shower and thinking about the next meal!

Dinner at Dame Journe, a somewhat upmarket restaurant with and excellent meal but no slack for English. French only.