P1080361It's a good hour and a half travel but we manage to get to the Chateau at Chantilly before 11am despite numerous stops for breakfast and so forth. The day is cool but clear skies and generally glorious and the chateau and grounds are quite spectacular.

The bad news is that is no discount for pensioners but the good news is that the car park is free for motorcycles.

There is a paucity of snack food on the site but we manage an superb ice cream and coffee at the outdoor cafe in the grounds. Good enough.


P1080408The run back was a bit quicker as we set the GPS to allow motorways, it's a lot further but you go faster. Anyway we are all pretty tired and somewhat cultured out.

An executive decision to stay another night to allow us to look around Noyon tomorrow morning otherwise we'll have stayed two nights and seen nothing.

Back to Albert's Table for dinner and a long chat with M. le chef before we start. Most interesting about the town's troubles and the collapse or the major local industries. Hard times but a good dinner.