P1080334We repeated the breakfast stop at the salon du the, booked a hotel in Noyon and headed off via the back roads. Several detours were required to get around the various road closures and several cross country excursions needed. Lunch (a baguette) and a fun interlude with a shopkeeper who was attempting to swap his shop for Joan's bike. I think she would have gotten the worst of the deal.

Intermittent showers, some heavy and very variable temperatures between 12C and 19C made for severals stops to change gear, the last one being at one of the many war graves cemeteries in this part of the world. How cruelly pointless war is.

The hotel Le Cedre expects us and the rooms are more than adequate.

Overall we have spent 7 hours on the road and are more than ready for showers all around then off to have a look around and dinner.


Dinner at a local cafe, Table Albert, is more excellent with €15 menu. So good that over dinner we have decided to stay a second night and go to Chantilly and see the chateaux tomorrow.