P1080260Operation Stack

Not only do you have to register to leave the UK but it seems that you have to crawl over broken glass to do so.

The M20 - the main route to Dover - is being used as a truck park due to industrial disruption and would be migrants attempting to stow away on the trains through the channel tunnel. This results in periodic closures of the motorway while it is used as a car park.

Despite all this we have booked the tunnel and wake up to find that the worst has happened. The Stack is in progress. Our plan B is a cross country trip, guided by the GPS. Four hours of winding lanes and back country roads finally leads us to the terminal and a quick trip across.

A long chat with Paul, one of the tunnel workers, gives us the background on the migrant problem and some history of the tunnel. Fascinating stuff and clearly intractable.



We see a group of 30-40 people waiting by the side of the road but the news reports thousands. Clearly people are desperate to get to the UK but we think they are going to be woefully disappointed if they do get there.

Once across the Channel we finally find a hotel in St Omer. One is full another closed and the third choice - Les Frangins - has rooms. Not very flash ones it must be said but.......

Dinner at Le Restaurant le Cygne was superb french cuisine with impeccable service. We shall return to St Omer.