img_8390I have stayed in the Captain Cook Motel before and discovered that it is on the main road to the Port. Trucks start at 3:30 or so and make the most appalling row, how can that be right? Avoid.

The organizers have set a 'vintage ' course for the day and we are given a list of points to go via and items that need to be identified (things like how many water tanks at Table Point on the Mahia Peninsular). Simplke but you have to go there to find the answers.

The weather is sunny and warm with no wind and the first stage goes pretty well. Lunch at Hastings than the second leg down to the coast and on to Masterton. The organizers have given us another short course but after only a couple of points we work out that they have left the answers on our sheet. Duh!

Anyway the wind is building up and the turbulence, while not as bad as yesterday makes things unpleasant so we chuck it and travel on to Masterton.img_8383

An excellent roast ham dinner and then we discover that the other team who selected the 'vintage route' failed to get the questions right despite having the answers actually printed on the sheet. Oh dear.

Not so late tonight arriving at the Solway, a Copthorne hotel, much on a par with the Holiday Inn. Lots of rooms way out of town. Why would you stay here except that it has lots of rooms? Hopeless.

Even more irritating is hat despite having some two million rooms the Solway have but one washing machine and (it turns out) one drier that doesn't dry clothes. Even more hopeless