img_8365Today calls for travel to Tauranga via New Plymouth, a strange route (look at the map) but the weather is clearly not playing ball. We would not have done that anyway so it was interesting to be overtaken by so many planes as we headed down the coast.

We had repacked our bags and the Catalina crew had offered to take one. Fantastic to lose 10kg, it's amazing how much difference that makes.

We got to Tauranga a bit before 10am and after a few circuits I took a scenic flight in the big Catalina, well worth the money, it's a great treat to be in such a strange and historic aircraft.

Tonight finds us sharing a room at the Siebel in Tauranga, a conventional hotel with few redeeming features. Our room has a fine view of the car park through hermetically sealed windows.

We may pass on the beer and bbq at the aero club tonight, it looks noisy..... must be getting old.