img 3025Sightseeing in Brugge is clearly very popular. With many many parties of tourists being guided around.

Our first stop is the Market and the Belfry. 366 steps to the top, magnificent views, high winds and a splendidly complicated bell system that rings apparently randomly during the day. It's like a monster musical box up there.

The Market boasts very expensive cafes with €9 for an expresso and a cup of tea. A bit over the top you might think.

img 3040A highlight of the visit is supposed to be a canal trip however immediately on cast off the rain starts so our view of this particular excursion may be a little marred. Once the rain stops we walk down to the Beguinage, an operating convent which is very attractive and then back to the Church of Our Lady with Michelangelo's statue of Mother with Child.

The chocolate museum is overrun with school children and apart from the demonstration of making chocolates is really a bit dry for my taste. Don't be put off by this as it's worth a visit but I might have been happier elsewhere.

img 3055Our final fling is a tour of the city on a horse drawn buggy which is great fun and the driver very informative. We'd seen most of the sights but it was good to stop walking for a while.

Overall Brugge is certainly worth a day stop and for us, although you could fill a second day,we'll be quite happy to move on.

More photos can be found on Flickr here

The reception recommended nearby Bistro Christof for dinner and it turned out to be very good indeed. Sadly the service did not live up to the standard of the food with one of the waitresses clearly bemused about her role in the great restaurant scheme.