img_8821A very long walk (at least 20km but I've lost my new pedometer so can't be certain. If you find one between Anascaul and Dingle it's mine). The last couple of km through the town and out the other side was a killer.

The walk is almost totally rural and really pretty. You'll need to not be scared of dogs, there are approximately 2 million farm dogs who want to have a sniff as you go by. Other than this is was uneventful but not quite enough comestibles for the length of walk.

Dinner, pre booked at the Half Door was really really good but really really expensive. We discovered that you need to be at the front of the restaurant where the ambiance is. Down the back towards the bogs the decor declines and the tables are well crammed in. Had we been doen there (with the hen party) we'd have been out the door.

We could recommend the €40 set menu but for the a la carte you'd need to be well healed.img_8824