img_8769Cork is an interesting place but you get the feeling that being mugged will be a when, not an if. There are a lot of bad signs, smashed windows, graffiti, yobs hanging about and so forth but I could well be wrong. Let's hope so. The evening restaurant, 14A is a great choice however, good dinner and nice ambiance.

The highlight that we saw is the English Market (breakfast upstairs is superb) and the produce looks excellent not to mention the chocolate store, try the chocolate dipped cherries, a taste explosion.

Nothing else that we saw however would make you think that Cork has any place in the Lonely Planet's top ten cities. Things like the butter museum(!) just don't do it for us. Overall nothing substantially changed since may last visit in the early 1990's, twenty four hours is heaps for a visit.img_8791

Our transport takes us from the comfortable Lincoln Lodge to Camp, near Tralee. The Seaview B&B strangely does not provide soap or shampoo but is otherwise not to bad at all and the Ashe pub up the hill does a respectable dinner and Guiness.